If it only takes about 5 minutes to download a Microsoft Security Essentials update and every hour is divided into 12 five minute segments and therefore every day has 288 possible times to perform this update, then why does it always start doing the update the moment I sit down at my computer and attempt to do something?
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  1. SEO
  2. Oil
  3. Clean
  4. Trucking
  5. Chinese
  6. Rabbit
  7. Cat
  8. Watch
  9. Reading
  10. Blogging
Review from yesterday (at Wordpress because I'm funky like that):
  1. Cold - Brrr!  It's freezing today.  47 out in the morning.  Wasn't it just 95?
  2. School - Busy school week - book fair and family night.  I was the mascot.
  3. Truck - Still dependable
  4. Gas - needed some on the way in
  5. Sandwich - what I had for lunch - turkey
  6. Dog
  7. Cat - Our house cat keeps getting out.  I need to get her fixed pronto.
  8. Work - What I'm doing (well, not right this second)
  9. Power - Power was out at work in morning.  Always fun resetting servers.
  10. Sweets
I don't recall what spurred #6 and #10.
6 could be about our dog who's afraid of everything and was on my mind.
10 is probably because I'm always in need of chocolate.
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Well, it's Monday again.  I read an article last week that stated blogging was on the way out:

Well before Six Apart decided to pull the plug and before Microsoft decided Spaces wasn't where it wanted to go, I think blogging started to slack a bit.  I could tell just from my own blog on Vox.  You'd have fewer and fewer comments and people who posted all the time started to cut back and eventually some of them left.  I like how bloggers always leave a platform because it is 'too restrictive', etc.  IE - Vox doesn't let the world see my posts, so I have to go somewhere else bigger so I can get my word out.  And then they go and you visit one day and see "0" after "0" after "0" on comments.

Twitter is a perfect example of this, only on a smaller (post size) but quicker scale.  I always wonder how many people of my 500+ "followers" actually see my posts.  I might get an occasional reply from someone - almost always one of my friends already.  The other 499 people - not so much.  Then you start to think that maybe they read what you write, but just don't reply, or if you ask a question, they don't know the answer.  I tend to believe that until recently I started using to shorten my URL's that I might paste on Twitter. will keep track of clicks, etc.  I posted maybe 5 or 6 links and have yet to see a click.  It's not that I'm boring, it's just that I get the impression people don't read twitter so much as post to it.

Yesterday on Wordpress, I posted a quick entry called "10 Words".  I'm in this slump, for lack of a better term, and I thought I might just post 10 words that define me or that pop into my head on any given morning.  Throughout the day I might follow-up and post why I feel that way or why the word jumped out of me in the first place.  I say follow-up, but that could just be a mental follow-up, since I won't guarantee that I'll ever go back and elaborate.  But that's okay, since I don't get the impression anyone reads it anyway.

Still, there isn't anything wrong with that.  One comment on that article suggests that it's okay just to keep a diary for yourself that no one else reads - merely a way to refer back to your life. 

I don't hate that idea.
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I haven't figured out how to post a non-youtube video yet, but here is an interesting story from 60 Minutes.

They are young adults and have been coddled by their parents to the point of being ill prepared for a demanding workplace. Morley Safer reports on the generation called "Millenials."

Read more:;photovideo#ixzz113WmVY00
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I spent about 15 minutes today explaining to Jamie how the lady on last night's SVU looked just like the lady from the Ghost Whisperer and how if they got those two together, they could make a time travel show or something.

Then a minute ago, I found out that that WAS the lady from the Ghost Whisperer.

I think I'm old now...
What's the difference between a quick blog post and a regular blog post?  I'd try quick post but it might go somewhere else and then I'd feel like I missed out or something.

Yesterday it was about 98 degrees.  The last flailing days of summer I guess trying to get out.  I stayed in just about all day - I don't recall going out except we made our weekly run to Sam's club.

I read.  I was working on a Dean Koontz book, Sole Survivor.  I was about 100 pages in on it coming into Friday evening and after a long week at work, I decided to jump into it full blast.  I don't read fast, certainly not as fast as Jamie, but I managed to knock it out by about 5pm on Saturday.  I liked it.  I only read technical manuals and books by Dean Koontz, it seems.

I felt guilty for not doing anything substantial, but it was hot out and I already made up my mind to save my major outdoor work for Sunday.

Today I went for a bike ride with Nathan and his friends and then came home and changed the oil in my truck.  (note to self - update C20 blog site).  Of course, it wasn't easy and thinking that anyone had changed the oil in in the last 10 years was probably naive.  I had a time getting the old filter off, but now it's done and we are now pressure washing off some of the crud around the engine.  I'll probably grease something on there before the day is out.

I'd normally vacuum everything downstairs today but the belt on the brush attachment broke and there is no point in vacuuming with the normal attachment because it just doesn't do a great job.

I guess I'll get back to work, but thought I'd check in.
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It's Friday!  And not a moment too soon.

About a year ago, I watched a salesman go to Google to get to a web site.  I thought this was odd.  I mean, if you know where a web site is like Facebook, why wouldn't you just key in in the address bar?  A few weeks after that I was in the HR department at my work and one of the HR people went to a website the exact same way.  I still thought it was odd.

Then one day I was listening to NPR and there was a story about how website addresses are getting longer and longer and how it wouldn't matter at some point because everyone will just go to Google as sort of a launching pad to get to where they want to go.  It all clicked for me right then.  It doesn't matter that the only domain name available is "" because once it's loaded into the Google index, anyone can just go to Google and type in something like "birdhouse guy" and the site will probably come up, hopefully near the top.

Today I typed "livecloud" into Google and here I am.  I didn't see that coming...
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I cobbled together a method to save my Vox photos (public and private) locally.  It works okay (for me) and you may or may not be interested.  Here is the link:

I saved all of Jamie's photos and I'm working on mine now.  It's clunky, I'll say that for it, but it certainly does the job.

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Okay, I'm feeling better now after the short interruptus from Vox.  I still haven't gotten my pictures off, but I have a few days left.  I'm playing around with a program to do it, but it isn't working yet.  It's great fun trying, though.  If I just can't get it, I'll dump them into Jamie's Flickr account, but I'm trying not to do that.

Livecloud looks pretty cool - I like what I'm seeing so far.
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I just read some post on the Vox Disporia (disporia?  something like that) site about some tech guy who is worried people aren't reading his posts.  I figured I should post something so everyone doesn't think I'm dead or worse.  I'm just busy.  I get great emails both from here and on Wordpress so I know my friends are posting, I just haven't had time to get out and about yet.  I don't think I've had adequate time since the summer of 2008, but that's neither here nor there.

It's finally cooled off.  I used to HATE cold weather and right now it's in the 60's and I'm welcome it so much after this horrible summer we went through.  Really?  105-110 some days?  And that was July.  I have the windows open and we spent most of the day outside yesterday on the porch.  If this can just hold on for a bit before the 30's, I'll be super happy.
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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post on LiveCloud.  I'm from Vox.  I'm still trying out new places.
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